Kinder. Cleaner. Healthier.

The opportunity presented by compassionate investing

Beyond Impact Vegan Partners is a financing program which supports entrepreneurs in biotechnology, food manufacturing, materials, clothing and lifestyles sectors demonstrating clear alignment to the principles of veganism, being cruelty-free and sustainable. By reinforcing the production, transformation and distribution of vegan and animal-replacing technologies, products and services, Beyond Impact contributes to creating a more compassionate world, while promoting a more innovative, fairer and sustainable economic model that meets the needs of a growing population without damaging the Earth.
Beyond Impact Vegan Partners offers a medium to long-term investment horizon with limited liquidity and a highly diversified portfolio without capital market exposure. The portfolios of Beyond Impact are balanced across a range of geographies and sectors, and each portfolio is anticipated to contain some 20-25 investments.
Animal agriculture
Plant proteins and clean meat
Junk food
Vegan convenience foods
Animal testing
Cruelty-free alternatives
Processing of animal products
Vegan Lifestyle
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